Saturday 11th July 2015 was a day of fan, as this is when the school had a colorful sports day, which took place at the sister secondary school play ground .It started at 10: oo am. All the children gathered at school and the vans took the children and the teachers to the field. When we reached the field, the smartly dressed pupils, some of whom putting on a Scout uniform assembled in the field for instructions.
After the parade, they marched to their respective houses, namely America, Asia, Europe and Africa. After which, the day`s activities started with holler hoops and many other activities followed. Many parents turned up in big numbers to watch these interesting activities. The activities became more interesting when it came parents and teachers also competing with each othere.Unlike last year, this time round, the teachers won most of the activities to the surprise of the parents who came thinking that it was automatic they were going to emerge the winners.
After all activities, at around 4.00pm, the adjudicators, without hestation, declared America House the winners of the competitions to the disappointment of Africa which right from the start expected to be the best. In Happiness and jubilation, the Americans were given their big goat, which was slautered, fried and eaten after some days.

Holiday Work