On Sunday 26th August 2018, we had a very colourful sports gala for both Nursery section and Primary section. Learners participated in a number of activities which among others included; relays, bottle filling, high jump, sack race, tyre race, hurdles, ring race, chair dance, tag of war, balloon bursting.
Competitions were done in houses for the primary section. The houses were Africa, Europe, Asia and America. AMERICA emerged the best house at the end of the day after a superb performance from a number of their members.
Nursery section competed in their different class streams. Baby one was the best stream in baby class, Middle one also emerged the best in middle class and Top one was also the best stream in top class.
The winning house/teams were awarded with trophies and a goat to roast. Teams that were runners up were also awarded with trophies.
All our students actively participated during the competition and each was awarded with a certificate.
Over one thousand parents attended the function and we want to thank all of them for the support they gave to the children on that day.
Special appreciation also go to the team from K TV who covered the events of the day.