In abide to perfect literacy in Ugandan schools, Galaxy International School Jinja organized reading and writing competitions which took place on 6thJune 2015. About seventeen schools constituting a total of close to 350 pupils took part in these competitions. They were conducted in two phases. Foremost, participants were meant to listen to the instructor and write the chosen words correctly through the approach of dictation so that whoever satisfied the panel, could qualify to go to another level of face to face dictation of words. This session was organized in such a way that each child participant had to spell a word once, whereby getting it wrong would mean quitting the list.

Being the first Reading  Be competitions, the organizers considered the best 20 schools, among which Turkish Light Academy primary School  featured with their three children getting  a certificate each, there by beating the sister schools, Galaxy International School ,Jinja and Galaxy International School, Kampala.

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