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    Turkish Light Academy Primary has various academic, sporting, creative, cultural and service clubs; which usually run every Wednesday after noon.

    Sporting include; Football, basketball clubs.

    However other sports activities held are; Athletics, volley ball and indoor activities like chess, draft and scrabble. Sports competitions are organized and held every 1st term of the academic year between different classes, pupils of differing age groups and boys and girls.

    Other clubs include;

    1. Debate club where pupils are taught and learn how to present and articulate various issues
    2. Writer’s club
    3. Journalist club
    4. Piono and Guitor which train pupils how to skillfully play these musical instruments.
    5. Art club which inducts pupils on skills of creativity, imagination, designing , molding, drawing, colouring, painting etc.
    6. Computer club, this equips pupils with knowledge regarding the various computer applications.
    7. Turkish club
      1. In all the above mentioned clubs, both pupils and teachers actively participate to ensure activeness and success of the designed activities.

    Games and sports

    We monitor talents in children through Physical Education lessons, clubs and annual sports activities. These talents are tapped and developed while in school and we encourage parents to embrace them. A wide range of games & sports is taught to students such as football, netball, tennis, badminton amongst others.