In an effort to develop our learners’ creative skills, the school has always given pupils art lessons where such skills are developed. It was on Sunday 28th October, 2018 when different art pieces that were made by our pupils were exhibited to the general public. The exhibition showcased a fine selection of pupils’ work from Baby class to Primary Six.

Art Show’s purpose is to show parents and well wishers of the school the different skills pupils have in art. Pupils under the guidance of their teachers took time and made different art items in areas like painting, collage work, paper work, pasting, modeling, smudging and many others.

A good number of people who turned up for the art exhibition and they were very impressed with the works of the children. We are proud of how our pupils have matured and developed as individuals as well as designers and artists. The work on show displayed a diverse range of skills, talents and techniques, not to mention hard work and dedication. The school wants to thank everyone who turned up for the art show and promise to continue teaching children to develop their practical skills.