There are many reasons why one should choose and enroll at LANP/S. As a parent you need to know whether the school has a curriculum that will teach your child where / what he / she should be.

  1. In LANP/S our priority is to serve the parent and pupil to their satisfaction.
  2. We offer quality education provided by the well trained, qualified and exposed staff.
  3. LANP/S emphasizes good handling of pupils, appreciating their strengths and weaknesses.
  4. LANP/S provides breakfast, lunch and an evening snack to all pupils who enroll in the school.
  5. LANP/S nurtures discipline and morally upright pupils by emphasizing the importance of loving, tolerance, caring, respect and obedience among others which are core values to success of an individual.
  6. LANP/S also focuses on pupil centred learning process so as to provide a self reliant / independent pupil than a dependant pupil.
  7. LANP/S offers pupils an opportunity to develop and nurture their talents through participation in co-curricular activities such as music, dance and drama, sports activities, exhibitions and club activities.
  8. LANP/S provides pupils with well furnished, lit and ambient classrooms making the learning process fun other than a stress. Pupils enjoy having such spacious and serene classrooms to boost their learning.
  9. LANP/S has a flexible time table that keeps the pupils awake and fresh at all times.

What kind of pupil will LANP/S produce?

A pupil of a Light Academy Primary School will develop high levels of self-respect, self-esteem, respect and care of others; become an independent, innovative and reflective thinker who will take into consideration environmental protection. The child will be nurtured to be open minded, knowledgeable, inquisitive and morally upright in order to prepare for the challenging future.

Our pupil will develop a love of learning, set high personal standards for their learning and develop an understanding of excellence and how it can be achieved both educationally and creatively.