In the spirit of honoring and building forth on what Turkish schools stand for, I need to emphasise our holistic approach to Education granted that learning, love, peace, tolerance, humanity, morality, respect and teaching are our core values.

We do reiterate the value of sporting and cultural activities in the development of self-worth and belonging. The test of a school is not in the beauty, clarity and perfection of its organizational structure, nor in its heritage and traditions, and although these are necessary and determines the above.

In short, involvement and participation through opportunities will lead to success. Our idea of teaching is carried forward by some individuals of extraordinary vitality and strength of personality that engage in it. The fire that helps and guides them kindles the spirits of the young generation whose lives they touch. LANP/S is actually not a school, but a human growth and development centre where success and aspiration to excellence area key to positive living.

We believe that a well nurtured pupil is that who is patriotic, patience, tolerant, loving, morally upright, respectful and cultured.These values are treasured and always reflected by all persons who have gone through Light Academy experience.

Our pupils’ are always unique in many aspects of life and I am proud of them wherever I find them.

A Different Approach to Education .

yours sincerely…