On Friday 4th April we had a school trip to the airport, zoo and Nakiwoggo Ship landing site. At the airport we were chanced to have a full move around-trip at the landing and strip side. We saw planes land and take off and were at the same time taken through the departure and arrival procedures simply by an airport guide who used a summarized chart.

We then moved to Nakiwoggo landing site were we saw a ferry. There after we moved to the Uganda wildlife educational center (zoo). Here we had our lunch and had a fabulous look at many of our favorite wild friends like the lions, snakes, monkeys, cheetas, rhinnos, peacock, tortoiuse, giraffe, crocodiles and many others to mention but a few. At around a half past four, we then planned and started moving back to school so we could get home in time. It was really a joyful trip though we got back to home a little late and so exhausted. A wonderful trip it really was!!!

Holiday Work