Primary Requirements

The following are key requirements for the school.

  1. Ream of duplicating papers ( Rotatrim)
  2. School bag
  3. Handkerchief

In addition to the above, for the new pupils, the following must be submitted;

  1. Filled medical form
  2. Photo copy of birth certificate
  3. Photo copy of report card for two previous terms
  4. 3 passport size photographs for the child and two for the parents.
  5. Photocopy of valid parent’s passport for foreign pupils.
  6. Payment of admission fee receipt

Nursery Placement and Enrollment Policy

Placement Policy

    A. All parents must read and accept TLAN’s Behaviour Policy. TLAN does not accept a child with severe mental disorders. GISU does not accept any child who has been expelled from the previous school for serious behavioural issues. TLAN reserves the right to refuse admission to any applicant, at its sole discretion.

     B. TLAN only admits children in Middle and Top class after the interview. Interviews are not paid for and results determine the class of admission.

     1. Nursery (Ages 3-6 Years) This involves; Baby class (Ages 3-4 Years), Middle class (Ages 4-5 Years) and Top class (Ages 5-6 Years).

Enrollment Procedure

   1. The Admissions Office may offer a KID a place at TLAN only when the following steps have been completed to the satisfaction of the school, taking into account the “Placement Policy” as stated above:

    A. Admission letter and Medical form are completed and returned to Admissions Office (secretary’s Office) on the reporting date.

    B. Copy of recent school reports (for Middle and Top classes) provided for kid’s file.

    C. The “Agreement of Financial Terms and Conditions of Admission to TLAN” signed and returned.

    D. Payment of the admission fee, term/annual Tuition Fees and other financial obligations completed at the Bursar’s Office.

   2. Child may enter school not less than 2 working days after the above procedure has been finalized and the appropriate staff has been advised.

March 2011 and below 3 – 4 years Baby class
4 – 5 years Moon class
5 – 6 years Top class